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Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
to make maryland a hotspot for futuristic technology. >> and we will go live to dallas where they are battling a major winter storm. eileen is also tracking >> you are watching abc seven on your side. >> paper copies of newsweek will wear out the presses again starting next year. the newsmagazines owners want to hit the reset that in after stopping the print publication at the end of 2012. they will work to incorporate the online magazine into the print magazine. it is expected to cost less than $10 per issues. >> a howard county executive says he wants to bring more 3-d printing technology to maryland. jessupted a company in that creates unmanned aircraft. they recently made headlines because they can make elastic guns that bypass medical does have heirs -- metal detectors. we're going to get to that mess out west. a powerful storm brought ice and freezing rain to areas that really had summerlike temperatures just a few days ago. much like us. we are live in dallas with what is going on. here in dallas, all the way up to tennessee, this ice storm is hitting hard. to me show you what
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
only learned about after he died. about a smart brock? a new technology could keep your weight down. and a major captioned by the national captioning institute sent both new at noon, the fbi is -- sent by new england, the fbi is discussing the impact of sequestration on its operations. that terrorists do not get furloughed. cyber hackers do not get furloughed. gang leaders do not get furloughed. this is an unacceptable thing to furlough active fbi agents. a $700fbi is projecting million cut in its 2014 budget, and agents are calling on congress to reach a deal. family filing a lawsuit against to government agencies and government on tractors. mary knight's family says that the agencies ignored red flag warnings about the mental stability of the navy yard shooter. this is the first lawsuit in the aftermath of the deadly shooting rampage. >> where people were killed in the train derailment this weekend and 60 others injured. driver caught himself too late. it was going 82 miles per hour during a 30 mile per hour turn. happening now -- first lady michelle obama is me
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2